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Little Caesars International Inc. is the largest carry-out pizza chain in the world and Bazbaza International Trading Co. Ltd., Riyadh is the franchisee operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Arab world has been known for its hospitality nature and taste for good food. Keeping this tradition, the Saudi Arabian market offers excellent opportunities for an ever-expanding market. Moreover, the strength of Little Caesars brand as well as the geographic dispersion of our restaurants across the kingdom provides us with enhanced growth opportunities.

The success of a pizza chain is determined by the quality of pizza, cleanliness and speed of service. We are committed to the daily pursuit of our quality goals and search for higher quality services. We maintain our quality and consistency through careful training and supervision of personnel and the establishment of our international standards. We aim to give value to our customers by striving to lower the cost of our sourcing while improving the quality.


Little Caesars business operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia originated in 2001. By the grace of Allah, our stores are operating across the kingdom serving freshly prepared pizza at competitive prices with dependable services as well as a variety of menu items with broad customer appeal.

As we reflect on our 10th anniversary, we are extremely grateful for the way we have been embraced by our customers and the support we have received over the years. With this in view and the unique position enjoyed in a competitive industry, we are planning to open more new stores across the kingdom during the forthcoming years.

I assure you that we remain committed to our core values and our vision to do business in a different way. We extend our gratitude for your loyalty and patronage. On behalf of the entire team I thank you all for the interest shown in Little Caesars, Saudi Arabia and your continued support.

Khalid Ahmed Al Said
General Manager

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